I will now try and sum myself up in 300 words as that’s what the internet people at Cool FM said I had to do!

I’m Connor (the culchie one), I present the ‘Cool Saturday Show’ on Cool FM, the north’s most listened to Saturday show which surprisingly is on COOL FM, it’s on a SATURDAY and it’s a radio SHOW…see what I did there!?!

If you are a regular listener to the ‘Cool Saturday Show’ you will know that from 10am we try to cram as much music and awesomeness into the allotted 240 minutes as we can, if you are not a regular listener…you really have to ask yourself why not.

Many years ago before mobile phones had touch screens and when Jordan had one less nose job and two less husbands I had to decide what I wanted to do for a living. After a Drama degree, 3 years treading the boards as a West End actor and flirting with the idea of becoming a teacher I decided that radio was where I wanted to be!

Since then I have had the pleasure of presenting every show on the Cool FM schedule, playing all the big tunes and interviewing some of the world biggest artists from John and Edward, those fella’s who did the Macarena and the bloke from Big Brother (I’m not sure which one).

When I’m not in Cool FM head quarters I can be found in the gym sculpting the man guns, playing football or enjoying the musical styling’s of David Gray, David Guetta or other musical David’s.

I can often be found in the evening working as a live compere at some of the countries biggest events, DJing amongst some of the countries maddest students and bringing the Cool FM experience to the masses.

You can catch me at Scratch Mondays, at The Republic of Pop at The Stiff Kitten or in the legendary Botanic Inn better known as The Bot.

So from me to you,

Behave yourself,