School Closures - Registration


Here at Cool FM we're getting ready for the bad weather, which will be with us before you know it...

If you are a senior member of staff at a school or college in just three simple steps you can let our listeners know if your school or college is closed. At this stage all we require from you is confirmation that your details are correct (Step 1).

If you want to check whether a school is closed or not click here »

Step 1
Fill in the form and register or amend your school details

Check that the information we hold on your school is correct by typing in your school name opposite. Click 'submit' if all the information is correct.

If you can't find your school or details are incorrect please complete or amend the form. In all cases please use your work email address as the primary email address.

When the bad weather arrives...

Step 2
We will email your link for the admin system

We will email you a link that will take you directly to our Admin System where you can quickly and easily change the status of your school from Open to Partially Closed or Fully Closed.

Step 3
We will confirm your closure status

We'll send you another email to confirm dates and the status of the closure, if you have any changes just click on the link and update our system. All changes will be updated straight away on our website.

Register or view your school details here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not a senior member of staff can I fill this form in?

A. No. We only accept submissions from a senior member of staff, all submissions through this system are checked manually.

Q. What phone number and email address should I supply?

A. Please use your work phone number and your work email address as the primary contact details.

Q. What is the next step?

A. Your details will be checked by someone at Cool FM, if everything can be verified then we will submit the updated details to our database. If we can't verify some of the information then we may be in touch either by phone or email.

Q. What will happen to the details that you have submitted?

A. We will send a reminder email when bad weather is on the way. This email will contain a link which will take you to our Admin System where you can easily update whether or not your school is closed. Your details will not be used for marketing purposes.

Q. What happens if my school or college has multiple sites?

A. If your school or college has multiple sites and it is possible that one site could be open while another will be closed, please make sure that they are submitted as separate entries - clearly distinguishing between the sites in the 'School Name' field.

Q. I'd like to check whether a school is closed or not

A. Please visit this page and search for your school